Introducing the “Magoosh Vocabulary” Chrome Extension!

Learning new words just got SO much easier, guys. Now, all you have to do is open a new tab in your Chrome browser, look at the page and BAM

Screen Shot 2015-08-03 at 1.41.56 PM


Studying for an standardized test with Magoosh? You’re in luck. Each of these words comes straight from our pool of expertly hand-selected GRE vocabulary words. That means you can surf the web and get some valuable study time in at the same time.

Just trying to beef up your lexicon? You’re also in luck. These words would impress even the most sesquipedalian vocabularians among us.

And it’s all thanks to the new Magoosh Vocabulary Chrome extension created by Zack Mayeda, one of our magician software developers.

So how do you get this wonderful device, you ask? Just follow this link, add to Google Chrome, then start improving that vocab!




  • Maizie Simpson

    Maizie writes about Magoosh and gets others to talk about Magoosh. A graduate of the University of Arizona (Bear Down!) with a BA in Journalism, she loves nuanced grammar rules, learning strange languages, and traveling to new places. She has an unnatural obsession with Middle Eastern politics and Mexican food.

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