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5 Education Blogs We Love

With an office full of former teachers, TFA alums, and test prep fanatics it’s no wonder we have a few go-to education blogs. What kind of blogs, you ask? The kind that give great advice, ask big questions, and make us think. Here are some of our favorites.


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The Blog

by Debbie Stier

This blog is written by mother-turned-SAT-expert, Debbie Stier. She started writing and speaking about the SAT when she was trying to get her two kids into college. We like her blog because it has great advice for stressed out students and worried parents who want to encourage and support their children as they study. She just re-designed her site and we think the new layout is pretty nice, too.

What to read first: Beware of overconfidence when it comes to the SAT


Class Struggle

by Jay Matthews

Jay Matthews is a columnist for the Washington Post where he writes about modern education reform policies (and why he likes them.) The ideas of charter schools, school choice, testing and accountability sound good to him. We like his bold approach and fearless criticism of current education systems—his articles are always an entertaining and eye-opening read.

What to read first: Why can’t we have more teachers like the ones we loved?


Answer Sheet

by Valerie Strauss

If Jay Matthews is on one side of the education-opinion spectrum, then you’ll find Valerie Strauss way on the opposite end. Also a Washington Post columnist, Strauss writes articles opposing education reform policies. She’s in favor of teachers’ unions, limiting high-stakes testing, and teacher autonomy. We love how outspoken she is about all of it. But at the end of the day, both Strauss and Matthews make great points and it’s always interesting to see their columns next to each other!

What to read first: What is the value of letting students struggle in class? Teachers answer


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This Week in Education

by Alexander Russo

Want to hear the latest Common Core drama or get the low down on trends and big events in education? This is the blog you should read. Alexander Russo does an excellent job of scouring education news all over the world-wide web and bringing it together in one place. We like it because it’s packed with information and updated constantly. No stale news on this site.

What to read first: Meet the teacher who started #IWishMyTeacherKnew


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…especially their “Big Ideas” section. MindShift contributes thoughtful commentary and creative solutions to the education conversation today. Its authors ask important questions and answer them in articles packed with research and expertise. Feeling down about education these days? Follow MindShift and you’ll be reinspired.

What to read first: Standards: Why Realizing the Full Promise of Education Requires a Fresh Approach


Got a favorite education blog that we missed? Let us know in the comments!



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