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The Top 5 Med School Application Tips

Are you dreaming of studying abroad to become a doctor? Check out these handy tips from our friends at SchoolApply, and start charting your path to success! While there are generally no limits on which subjects international students can study abroad, medical studies are one exception. Med schools are highly regulated, and not all schools […]

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Debate Vocabulary

Do you ever find yourselves in situations where you have to debate a topic, or maybe situations where not everyone is going to agree with your opinion? Do you find that sometimes you lack the necessary vocabulary to get your point across or even to express your content or discontent at someone else’s point of […]

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Do Mixed Conditionals Mix You Up?

Today we are going to look at mixed conditionals. In English there are two types of mixed conditionals:   Present result of a past condition This mixed conditional is used when we are referring to an unreal past condition and its probable present result. Structure: If + past perfect (condition clause) + present conditional (main […]

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How and When to Use Indirect Questions

Today we’re going to look at indirect questions. There are two main ways of asking questions in English: directly and indirectly. Both have the same meaning. However, we use indirect questions when we want to be more polite or more formal. Look at the following example of a direct question: Where is the nearest train station? To be more polite or formal, ask an indirect […]

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The Future Perfect

Hey, everyone! Are you all ready to brush up on some important grammar? I bet you are so let’s go! The Future Perfect is a slightly difficult tense in English but it is important to learn how to use it correctly.   Firstly, the Future Perfect tense is used to express the idea that something will […]

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