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How to Improve TOEFL Speaking

This post is part of our TOEFL “How To” Series. You can find the other posts here:

Many students email Magoosh, asking how they can improve their TOEFL Speaking. We have a lot of posts that cover different aspects of speaking practice. This post will give a summary of all the best activities for speech improvement.


General Speaking Skills:


Test-Specific Skills:

  • Answer the whole question. Learn to both read and listen to TOEFL speaking questions critically. Plan, outline and speak answers that address every question point. For this skill, you may want to check your answers with a teacher, tutor, or classmate. A second set of eyes or ears may be able to see an aspect of the question that you didn’t address.
  • Plan and structure your answer. You have a very short period of time to jot down notes and a basic outline for your TOEFL speaking answer. But you should never skip this step. Organizing your answer correctly helps you think more deeply about speaking. Good organization also boosts your TOEFL score. You should also consider studying a TOEFL Speaking template.
  • Know the different tasks. There are two independent speaking. The remaining four speaking tasks are integrated. Understand the differences between each of the six tasks.


Practice activities:

Review and use official TOEFL Speaking materials. Practice answering questions and review sample speaking answers from ETS resources. Be sure to check out the official TOEFL website and the ETS practice books. You can also do TOEFL-like practice questions from unofficial sources.

Do other less test-specific practice to build on your overall speaking skills. Kate covers several good skill practice activities here. You can also look at my list of general speaking practice for the TOEFL.


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