Taking the MCAT in India

Have you ever thought about taking the MCAT in India? Well, if you’re reading this post, you probably have thought about it. The unfortunate news is that it is not possible. This does not mean that you cannot take the test. You just have to travel to another country with a testing center that offers the MCAT.

International MCAT

The MCAT exam is required for anyone that wants to attend medical school in the United States or Canada. Internationally, the exam is offered in 19 different locations, including Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, and Kazakhstan. To register for the MCAT, you will follow the same process as if registering to take the exam in the US or Canada. There is a variety of test dates to choose from but note that they differ by location. For a full list of locations and test dates offered, take a look at the International MCAT Testing Calendar. Also, be prepared to pay a non-refundable $90 international fee unless you are registering for a US territory location (Guam, US Virgin Islands, or Puerto Rico).

Applying to Medical Schools as an International Student from India

While important, the MCAT is just one piece of your application for medical school. Medical school admissions committee will also review your college GPA, essays, activities, awards, and letters of recommendation. You will need to put in a lot of work to submit a stellar application. The unfortunate news is that getting an admissions offer to a US medical school as an international student is very tough. Some medical schools in the US do not accept international students. In fact, there are a fair number of schools that have a strong preference for in-state students. At these schools, out-of-state students have a lower chance of acceptance but the odds are usually worse for international students. To increase your chance of acceptance, you will want to make sure that you apply to schools that accept international students. The good news is that many of these schools are the best in the nation. To find out which schools accept international applicants, check out the Medical School Admission Requirements for US and Canadian Medical Schools. Magoosh also offers affordable MCAT prep that can be used anywhere in the world as you prepare for your test day.

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