Useful Sentence Patterns for IELTS Writing

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Using varied sentence structures, along with other writing techniques, can help strengthen your IELTS essay and, overall, help you achieve a higher score on the IELTS writing exam.
If you’re in need of some IELTS writing tips, take a look at some of these useful sentence patterns that you can incorporate in your writing. Practice makes perfect, and practicing these advanced sentence structures for IELTS will help your writing become more coherent and persuasive!

It is + adj. + that + [statement] /It is + adv. + adj. + that + [statement]

There are a number of ways you can use the adverb and the adjective in this sentence structure. Use this sentence pattern when stating a fact or an idea. Here are some example sentences:

  • It is indisputable that the Internet plays an essential role in people’s lives today.
  • It is widely acknowledged that modern technology makes our world more connected and more entertaining than ever before.
  • It is commonly believed that education offers us more opportunities to achieve higher salaries and better quality of life.

There is no doubt/There is no denying that …

This sentence pattern is another way to express a fact or an idea. Here are two example sentences:

  • There is no doubt that the government is responsible for the safety of citizens.
  • There is no denying that the accommodation problem is getting worse in big cities.

An increasing/growing number of …

This sentence structure can be used to note a certain trend (either increasing or decreasing). Here is an example sentence:

  • An increasing number of parents realize that their children need more privacy.
  • A growing number of children prefer to spend their free time indoors.

The reason why… is that…

This sentence pattern is a great way to illustrate cause and effect, and it serves as an alternative to using the word “because” over and over again.

  • The reason why people feel more stressed nowadays is that they live in a more competitive society, which requires them to work much harder than before to achieve the same results.

There is a hot debate over…

You can use this sentence pattern to introduce a controversial topic or a phenomenon in the first paragraph of your essay. Here’s an example:

  • There is a hot debate over whether women should have the same roles as men in the army.

The + comparative adj./adv. +…, the comparative adj./adv. + …

This is a useful sentence pattern for showing the relationship between two things or expressing two ideas that correlate with one another.

  • The older you get, the more experienced you are.


To write a complete and coherent essay, you need to restate your opinion in the conclusion. The below sentence pattern serves as a good choice to conclude what you have mentioned in the previous paragraphs. Feel free to create your own variations of this concluding sentence!

  • From what has been discussed above, we may conclude that the biggest factor affecting people’s shopping habits is not their age group but their income level.

Ready to try these example sentence patterns out on a real IELTS task? Check out this video for great IELTS writing tips for the Writing Task 1:

And check out our complete tutorial on IELTS Writing!

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