Does IELTS Offer Scholarships?

Can you get IELTS scholarships? Yes, you can! A good IELTS score can get you a variety of funding.

IELTS Scholarships from the British Council

The British Council, one of the organisations that sponsors the IELTS, offers many scholarships.

The British Council IELTS Award is actually a group of different awards, offered in different countries around the world.

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Around the world, British Council IELTS Awards are given to students who have high IELTS scores and a history of academic success. These British Council IELTS scholarships can be used for study at any university that requires the IELTS.

Award amounts differ depending on the country, and can also be different from year to year. To give just one example, in India in 2015 the British Council gave out 10 scholarships of Rs 3 Lakh ($4,640 USD) each.

Even within a single nation, students may win different awards of different amounts. Take Singapore. Last year in Singapore, the British Council gave 4,000 SGD each ($2854USD) to three different local scholarship winners. In addition, Singapore’s national grand prize winner received a full one-year scholarship of up to 80,000SGD ($57,000USD). Singapore’s second place national winner got 20,000SGD ($14,300USD) in scholarship funds, and the third place scholarship contestant was awarded 10,000SGD ($7,140 USD).

Of course, the British Council is a large organisation, so it also gives out scholarships that aren’t directly related to the IELTS. You can read about other British Council Scholarships here. Again, these scholarships aren’t strictly tied to IELTS scores. But often, IELTS scores can be weighed as a criterion when award money is given.

IELTS Scholarships for Educators, Linguists, and Testing Researchers

Needless to say, the makers of the IELTS benefit from educational research. The IELTS is always looking for the latest findings in education theory, second language acquisition, and test design. This knowledge is used to keep the IELTS exam up-to-date and valid.

Because of this, the makers of the test are interested in funding new research in these areas. A number of IELTS-funded research programmes provide research scholarships. These scholarships can be used by educators and educational scholars. The funding is applied to graduate studies, research projects, the attendance of academic conferences, and so on.

IELTS Scholarships From Other Organisations

Don’t forget that you can also get IELTS-related scholarships from many other sources. Quite a few scholarship foundations look at IELTS scores.This includes international scholarship foundations such as the Fulbright Award. And your IELTS score can also help you get scholarships at individual universities like Temple and Oxford.

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