Is There an IELTS Exam Age Limit?

is there an IELTS exam age limit?

Are you old enough to take the IELTS? Or are you too old to take the IELTS? Never fear–I’ve dug up the facts on the IELTS exam age limit.

Is 16 the Minimum IELTS Exam Age Limit?

If you Google “IELTS exam age limit,” a lot of the top results seem to say that you can’t take the IELTS if you’re under 16. This is wrong, wrong, WRONG! But I don’t mean to be too harsh on the people that say this. The supposed 16 age limit is a pretty common misconception, actually.

So why do people think you can’t take the IELTS under the age of 16? Where does this weird idea come from? Well, the truth is, it’s not such a weird idea. And it’s not far from the truth. The official makers of the IELTS do recommend against taking the IELTS if you’re younger than 16. But they absolutely do allow younger test-takers to register for the test without restriction.

Don’t believe me? Let’s look at the IELTS minimum age policy, right from one of their own official websites. According to the official terms and conditions for IELTS test registration: