How Much Does the IELTS Cost?

One of the factors to consider before sitting for the IELTS exam is how much it will cost to take the test. For some people who don’t have very much money, the fee to sit for the exam can impact their decision to take it.

The IELTS Exam Usually Costs About $250

Unfortunately, each test center sets its own fee, so there is no one single answer to how much the IELTS costs. However, most IELTS testing centers now charge around $250 to sit for the exam. This has increased steadily over the past decade.

While a $250 fee is the normal amount that gets charged, though, some testing centers may be lower or higher. For example, on the day that this article was written, the testing center in Kansas City, Kansas, was charging $255 to take the IELTS. In Grand Rapids, Michigan, however, the fee was $250.

How to See What Centers Are Charging

The best way to see how much each testing center charges to take the IELTS is to start your registration online. Once you go to this website, here’s how to see what the fee will be to take the IELTS:

  1. Choose whether you want to take the Academic or the General Module of the IELTS exam (what’s the difference?),
  2. Choose the Country where you want to take the test,
  3. Select the City you want to take the test in,
  4. Choose a Test Date,
  5. Click the Enter button,
  6. On the next screen, find the link that says Register on the right side and click it.

The fee for that particular exam in that testing center is listed on the next screen.

Some Countries Will Pay for Your IELTS Fee

Depending on your home country, however, you may be reimbursed for your IELTS fee. For example, if you are from Saudi Arabia, the Saudi Arabian Cultural Mission (SACM) may be able to reimburse you for the cost of the exam.

If You Will Struggle to Pay for the Exam, Give Yourself More Time to Study

Unfortunately, many IELTS takers will have to pay for the exam without help. If this is the case for you, and paying the full price for the exam will be difficult, choose a test date that is some time away. By giving yourself a couple of months to study for the exam, rather than just a couple of weeks, you’ll be even more prepared. All of that extra study time will make it more likely that you will get the scores you need, and prevent you from having to retake the exam and pay the fee, again.

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