How to Give Opinions in IELTS Speaking

If you take some time to browse the past IELTS speaking questions, you will find that you need to give your own opinions on certain issues in part three. Some students feel nervous about this part because they don’t know how to give opinions properly. Therefore, today’s blog is going to discuss how to give opinions in IELTS speaking with examples of past questions to help you get ready for the test!

Use Introductory Expressions

After hearing the question, you may need some time to think about it. Using introductory expression is a great way to leave several seconds for you to think as well as to introduce your opinions. Here is a list of expressions.

Well, I think/believe/suppose/reckon…

These are common and nice introductory expressions to use when giving an opinion. “I think” and “I believe” are more formal than the other two, so they can also be used in your writing.


Q-Do you think friendship is important?

A-Well, I believe friendship is important to everyone.


Personally/For me, I …

These expressions emphasize that it is your own opinion. They will be a good start to give your answers.


Q-Do you prefer watch a movie at home or in a cinema?

A-Personally, I like watching films in my own apartment.


In my view/opinion, …

These two expressions are formal and academic ways to show your ideas on important issues.


Q-Should government control the number of private cars on the road?

A-In my opinion, government has responsibility for controlling the number of cars on the road.


From my point of view, …

This is another fairly formal way to give a personal opinion.


Q-Do young people and old people like listening to the same kind of radio programs?

A-From my point of view, different age groups listen to different radio programs.


It seems to me that …

It is also a good choice to express your thoughts in speaking.


Q-Do you think colors make a difference in advertisements?

A-It seems to me that colors play an important role in advertisements.

Give Opinions Directly and Supporting Details

When the examiner asks about your opinions, you should give a clear point of view directly. As you can see from the previous examples, the opinions immediately follow the introductory expressions. Do not repeat the questions. You can paraphrase part of the questions to state your views.

Besides, you need to complete your answers by giving supporting details. An ideal answer consists of 3-4 sentences. One sentence for your opinion and the other two or three for the supporting information. Conclusion sentence is not necessary here. Here is a sample answer:

Q-Should museums be free?

A-Well, from my point of view, museums should be free for the public. Museums are places for people to enjoy arts, learn science, explore history and culture. If they are free, the public will have more access to these resources. It is especially important for young people because they need to learn knowledge that textbooks can’t teach them.


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