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If applying to college isn’t confusing enough (and believe me, it’s a maze!), applying to schools internationally can be even more demanding. Between asking teachers to write recommendation letters and navigating the documents you need to include in your applications, you also have to find time to study for and take the SAT and/or ACT!

For students applying to international schools, it can be difficult to figure out what you need to include in your application. Do international students need the SAT? What about US students applying abroad? Luckily, Magoosh is here to answer all your American and Canadian SAT questions!

Testing Internationally

The SAT is a standardized exam intended to measure students’ college readiness in a fair way across all fifty states. Though US students applying to college come from a variety of educational backgrounds, whether graduating from public, private, parochial, or home school, the SAT is supposed to help even the playing field for college admissions. Though submitting SAT scores is the norm for colleges and universities across the United States, Canada does not have a counterpart to the SAT. Few, if any, Canadian universities ask Canadian applicants for SAT scores.

Canada → US

If you are a US high school student concerned about sending SAT scores to a Canadian institution, feel free to skip down to Sending SAT Scores to Canada.

If you’re a Canadian student applying to colleges and universities in the US, you’ll usually need to submit SAT scores with your applications, just like US students do. Of course, individual institutions vary in what they require for admission, so you’ll want to check on the requirements for your target schools. As a general rule, though, universities in the US rely on the SAT (or ACT!) as part of student applications.

Taking the SAT in Canada

If the school you are interested in requires SAT scores, your next step is studying for the SAT and finding a location that administers the test. Since you’re already at Magoosh, you’re on a great track for studying! Magoosh offers practice exams, study aids, and plenty of blog posts with tips for all sections of the SAT.


In the US, many high schools serve as SAT locations every weekend that the SAT is offered. While the average Canadian student may have to travel farther to take the SAT than a US student would, it’s not impossible to find SAT testing centers in Canada. College Board’s SAT location finder breaks down your search for Canadian testing centers by provinces and territories. SAT Subject Tests are generally offered in Canada, but locations may vary.

Test Dates

The SAT is usually offered 6 times throughout the year in Canada, but the SAT is not offered internationally in March, so keep that in mind as you plan your college applications. While the registration deadlines are not any earlier than US registration deadlines–about one month before the test date–it is important to remember that internationally administered SATs don’t allow late registration. Make sure you sign up on time!


Lastly, taking the SAT internationally means you will be charged an additional fee. The current cost of the SAT is $45 without the essay, and $57 with the essay. Students in Canada are required to pay an additional $35 regional fee, making the SAT $80 (USD) without the essay, and $92 with the essay. Of course, SAT fees can change, so make sure you stay up to date by checking College Board’s website.

Sending SAT Scores to Canada

Though Canadian schools do not generally require the SAT, some Canadian colleges might expect American students to submit SAT scores. Since American high school graduates obtained a differently standardized education, Canadian universities often want to see a more standard measurement of student ability than GPA. You’ll need to check with the individual Canadian institutions you plan to apply with to find out whether or not an SAT or ACT score is required.

If you are not graduating from a US high school, it is unlikely but possible that your Canadian school of choice will want to see SAT scores. Some Canadian schools may ask you to take a language proficiency exam, or other college readiness test.

Lastly, even though the SAT is most commonly used in the United States, it is recognized internationally. Universities that do not require you to submit SAT scores with your application materials might not even look at your scores, but you can send them. Colleges and universities all over the world are registered with College Board, so you are able to select even international institutions as recipients of your score report. Just make sure you use College Board’s assigned school code.

Happy testing!


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