Book Recommendation for SAT Vocab

Studying vocab isn’t really fun. Studying for SAT vocab is especially boring. Trust me, I hardly found any dry vocab book enticing. However, if you want to score well on the SAT reading sections you will want to challenge yourself to learn some fancier vocabulary. Given this reality, I have found the perfect set of books. Drum roll please… Vocabulary Cartoons Word Power I and II!!!!


Here are the books linked below:

These are the two books that I completed to study for SAT vocab, and I stand by them. Words I learned from these books really did show up in the SAT reading sections when I actually took the full exam. I think what makes these books special is that they are as entertaining as vocab books can get.

Every word that is introduced in the book is presented with the definition, a “link,” and an example sentence that includes the word and the link. For example, pretend that the new word is “Abhor.” Abhor means to hate very much or to detest utterly. The book than provides a link that is supposed to help you remember the definition of the given word. So the link provided by the book for abhor is “chores.” The sentence from the book is “The boy abhorred doing chores.” This way you can easily remember a word that isn’t commonly used by associating it with a word that is well used.

The book follows this pattern for every word introduced and every 10 words there is a short quiz to see how much you remember. Eventually you will finish the first book and will be ready for the second one. Once you are all done, you will have a fully loaded vocab arsenal ready for the SAT.

I really like this book because not only does it make learning new vocab as fun as it possibly can be but it is also very effective. Once you get the hang of what the book is trying to accomplish, you will find yourself remembering the definitions of all the words. In addition, if you feel like the book’s cartoons and quizzes alone aren’t enough, you can easily make flash cards with the words to practice more.

Happy Studying!!




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