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    Shar loves helping students prepare for their upcoming aptitude exams including the SAT, ACT, GMAT, and GRE. She has also been helping students understand and appreciate math as a tutor and has also helped mathletes prepare for their upcoming competitions as a math coach in the past.

    She now focuses her time to help EdTech companies and educational websites with their educational content and resources and has been doing so for five years now. Through these articles, she's helped students feel confident and prepared before upcoming exams. In her free time, she enjoys creating free math graphics, participating in online communities seeking help with their math prep and lessons, and offering pro-bono assistance for students within her community.

    Connect with Shar through LinkedIn or read about her work on Rubik's cube.

    Job title: Shar Mae Gayangos

Applying to Grad School After Working

After a few years in your field, you realize you want to pursue higher studies. If you’re now wondering “How do you go to grad school after work?”, this article offers helpful guidelines and tips for you, starting with the following: Learn how to have your official transcripts sent from your undergraduate university. Choose grad […]

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