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Category: GMAT Math

  • GMAT Probability Rules

    For those of you who are ready to take on GMAT probability, here is the absolute bare minimum you need to know to successfully attack probability calculations on the GMAT: The Simplistic Probability Rules “AND” means MULTIPLY “OR” means ADD Is that the entire story? Well, no. But! If you can’t remember, or don’t understand anything…

  • GMAT Probability Rules

    In this post, we’ll go over the main GMAT probability rules you need to know. To find out where probability sits in the “big picture” of GMAT Quant, check out our breakdown of GMAT quant concepts. GMAT Probability Practice Questions First, some practice questions.  The scenario below is relevant to questions #1-#3. There are two…

  • GMAT Probability: Difficult Dice Questions

    Dice problems aren’t too common on GMAT quant. As for the exact probability of getting a dice problem is something only privy to those over at GMAC. While it is a good idea to know your dice basics, doing so will only help you in the case of an easy dice problem. And one thing…

  • Variables in GMAT Answer Choices: Algebraic Approach vs. Numerical Approach

    Fact: On GMAT Problem Solving, some of the prompts will state quantities in terms of variables, and then expect you to answer in terms of those variables.  Such questions are known as “variable in the answer choice” questions (or VICs in some circles). Fact: There are two basic strategies you can use to solve these:…

  • Essential GMAT Algebra Formulas and Practice Questions

    What are the most essential topics of algebra that you need to know to succeed in GMAT math? How many formulas and equations do you have to memorize? Why must we be tortured by all this math??? The good news is that it doesn’t take a huge amount of time or energy to master the…

  • GMAT Practice Questions with Fractions and Decimals

    Here are ten problems on fractions and decimals, some of which are quite challenging.  Remember, no calculator! (A) 0.1 (B) 1 (C) 10 (D) 100 (E) 1000 6)  Suppose you have access to a large vat of distilled water, several gallons large.  You have two precise measuring pipettes, one to measure exactly 1/3 of an…

  • GMAT Word Problems: Introduction and Strategies.

    GMAT Word Problems: Introduction and Strategies.

    Wondering how to solve GMAT word problems? Here’s everything you need to ace this question type, including expert strategies, practice problems, and answer explanations.

  • GMAT Sets: Venn Diagrams

    Learn this technique to master set questions of GMAT Math word problems.    Practice questions First, try these challenging practice questions. 1) Of the 80 houses in a development, 50 have a two-car garage, 40 have an in-the-ground swimming pool, and 35 have both a two-car garage and an in-the-ground swimming pool.  How many houses…

  • GMAT Math – What Kind of Math is in the Quantitative Section?

    GMAT Math – What Kind of Math is in the Quantitative Section?

    What’s the biggest secret to GMAT math success? What GMAT math topics will you see on test day? Which are the most important? Read this post to find out!

  • GMAT Work Rate Problems

    GMAT Work Rate Problems

    Want to know how to solve GMAT work rate problems accurately and quickly? We’ll show you how, then let you practice with GMAT rate problems!