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Author: Shaun Ault

Shaun Ault
  • 1-Month Study Schedule for the GMAT

    1-Month Study Schedule for the GMAT

    Preparing for the GMAT in a month? Magoosh’s expert has a GMAT study plan, 1 month version, to help get you the score you need!

  • GMAT Probability Rules

    For those of you who are ready to take on GMAT probability, here is the absolute bare minimum you need to know to successfully attack probability calculations on the GMAT: The Simplistic Probability Rules “AND” means MULTIPLY “OR” means ADD Is that the entire story? Well, no. But! If you can’t remember, or don’t understand anything…

  • Guide to GMAT Data Insights

    Guide to GMAT Data Insights

    GMAT Data Insights (DI) was introduced in 2023 when GMAC released a new version of the GMAT exam. Your performance on the Data Insights section will account for one third of your total GMAT score. You’ll have 45 minutes to answer 20 Data Insights questions, which will involve a ton of data analysis, critical thinking,…

  • GMAT Probability: Difficult Dice Questions

    Dice problems aren’t too common on GMAT quant. As for the exact probability of getting a dice problem is something only privy to those over at GMAC. While it is a good idea to know your dice basics, doing so will only help you in the case of an easy dice problem. And one thing…