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Intermediate English course (B1)

The most critical english vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation lessons for B1 (lower-intermediate) students. A 15-day crash course designed for students who need to improve fast! 


Advanced English course (C1/C2)

Ready to discuss unfamiliar topics and use advanced vocabulary and grammar? We’ve centered this English course around movies, TV shows, sports, and music, so that you are challenged while having fun. 

All levels

English pronunciation: a complete guide

This is a comprehensive and detailed course on English pronunciation. We start from fundamentals like phonemes, stress, and intonation, and go all the way into connected speech and regional influences to your pronunciation.

All Levels

Job interview lessons for English learners

A deep dive into the American business culture, the essential job interview skills (both cultural and technical interviews), and critical language tips for english learners in job interviews.

Magoosh IELTS and TOEFL

Get your best score and see where life takes you

More English learning resources

Phrasal Verbs: The Ultimate List

Our phrasal verbs list gives you interesting tool to learning and navigating English grammar. Phrasal verbs are useful in numerous contexts. However, there are literally thousands of them!

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"I applied for a job that I really wanted and I managed to pass the first interview. The second interview would take place with 4 senior staff members, and I did not know how to prepare myself for this interview. I found in YouTube the Magoosh videos that showed me how to point out my key skills and align them with the requirements of the job. In the interview, I felt more confident. Out of 70 people who applied, the employer offered me the job!"
Alfonso R
Supply chain manager, Mexico
"As a working professional who uses a second language at work, I've been looking for programs that can help me to communicate better at work. Magoosh English is the exact solution that provides not only English speaking education but also curriculums and verbal exercises that can help non-English speakers to communicate more effectively with colleagues and clients. This is not even found in the ESL, US college, and MBA programs. After using Magoosh, I am more effective in communicating on phone calls, meeting conversations, and even in business writing. "
Ava K
Customer success manager, China