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Just $4 per 1 hour session


We understand your struggles ...

You've grown out of mobile apps

Duolingo and Rosetta Stone are great until you want to articulate with nuance and speak English without hesitations.

You can't afford private tutoring

You need lots of practice, and at a rate of $20-50/hour, you'd have to pay your tutor $5,000+ to level up from an intermediate to a native-like speaker.

You're tired of traditional classes

The textbook is outdated, the speaking opportunities are limited, and you are rarely taught by a native English speaker.

You can't find the right speaking partner

You've posted in Facebook groups, reddit, and WhatsApp, but you can't find that perfect partner who shows up every time with interesting things to say.

So we've developed the SpeakUp method!

Take our diagnostic assessment and find out your level.
Pick a convenient time and relevant live topic at your level.
Preview the study materials and complete a speaking exercise to prepare for the live session.
A speaking exercise to warm you up for the live session
Join the 1 hour live session to practice with peers and get feedback from native English teacher.

If the this sounds like you ...

You're a perfectionist

You want to speak English like a native speaker, so we've developed a curriculum to take you all the way to proficiency. You will get quarterly evaluations, and we guarantee that you reach full fluency!

You want to fit in wherever you go

You're nervous about work presentations, uncomfortable collaborating with your American classmates, or awkward at your friend's party. We've developed modules to cover all these situations.

You can commit

We require all students preview lesson materials and complete speaking exercises before they come to the live session. In return, you will earn the respect of other SpeakUp classmates who will grow with you!

You're a beginner

To benefit from SpeakUp, you have to be able to speak complete sentences. You'd have a hard time understanding the instructors or contributing to the live conversations if you are a beginner.

You're focused on test taking

Getting a top score in IETLS/TOEFL is a natural result of joining SpeakUp, but we don't focus on test prep. Because SpeakUp does not offer enough test-specific practice, it will be inefficient for test takers.

You want a quick fix

SpeakUp gives you all kinds of strategic exercises and key language patterns. It's highly efficient, but it still takes 6 months to level up once. Language hacks don't work, and we hope you realize that soon!

You're in good company!

Say hello to your fellow classmates who are just as dedicated as you are. Click on their photo to meet them.

“I really appreciate the instant feedback I get from the instructor.”

Daisy, Marketing Manager 🇨🇳

“I appreciate that when I make a grammar mistake, a professional will correct me.”

Tianpei, Fundraising 🇨🇳

“This creates a great opportunity to learn new words, phrases, and their proper pronunciations.”

Rafia, Student 🇧🇩

“People who live in non-English speaking countries can benefit the most.”

Eduardo, Software Engineer 🇧🇷

“The best part is the online classes because I can improve my listening and speaking concurrently.”

Amirhossein, Electrical Engineer 🇮🇷

“A safe environment where I feel comfortable making mistakes.”

Nicole, Student 🇦🇷

“The practice session is the best thing I’ve found… They designed the prompts so well.”

Asif, Banker 🇧🇩

“People who would benefit most are people who don’t have a chance to speak English daily.”

Sandra, French Teacher 🇷🇴

Stop overthinking. Start talking.

Speak English like a native, with a native English teacher and a group of dedicated students.

All plans come with a fluency guarantee! 

If you are not happy with SpeakUp at any time, cancel your subscription with 1 click. 


Renews every month
$ 59
/ MO
  • 2 live small group sessions (1 hr/each) every week with a native English expert
  • On-Demand videos lessons from intermediate to advanced
  • 4 individual speaking exercise evaluations
  • Unlimited email support
  • Progress evaluations every quarter​
  • Unlimited direct audio/text chat with your personal teacher via WhatsApp


Renews every 3 months
$ 42
/ MO
  • 2 live small group sessions (1 hr/each) every week with a native English expert
  • On-Demand videos lessons from intermediate to advanced
  • 4 individual speaking exercise evaluations​
  • Unlimited email support
  • Progress evaluations every quarter
  • Unlimited direct audio/text chat with your personal teacher via WhatsApp


Renews every 12 months
$ 32
/ MO
  • 2 live small group sessions (1 hr/each) every week with a native English expert
  • On-Demand videos lessons from intermediate to advanced
  • 4 individual speaking exercise evaluations​
  • Unlimited email support
  • Progress evaluations every quarter
  • Unlimited direct audio/text chat with your personal teacher via WhatsApp
Best Value

What's your pathway to native-like fluency?

Assuming you are currently a low-intermediate student who wants to speak fluent English, here are some popular options.

SpeakUp Lingoda italki
Native-like fluency guarantee or your money back
Live conversations with native speakers
Individual feedback for your speaking practice and progress
An encouraging English learning community
Complete curriculum from intermeidate to advanced
Best-in-class teachers We pay our staff $25-50/hour They pay $8-13/hour They pay $11-18/hour
Live session cost for you $4/hour $14/hour $35/hour
Total cost estimate from low-intermediate to high-advanced $700 $2500 $5400

Our teaching philosophy

“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.”  – Benjamin Franklin

That’s our goal in every session we have with you – to involve you in live conversations. 

We do that better than anyone else.


Anita Collins, Lead Instructor 🇨🇦

I have taught students from all over the world for over 18 years. They now serve important roles in many different places: from Microsoft, Amazon, Google, Cisco and HP to Becton Dickinson and IMF.

Sam, founder of SpeakUp

Sam Ju, Founder 🇨🇳

Growing up in China, I spent years learning English and still couldn’t speak naturally.

Luckily, I had breakthrough when I stumbled upon a chatroom. Within 6 months, I was thinking in English. We buy so many books and apps hoping for a miracle, when all we needed is to practice English speaking, a lot.

Fast forward 15 years, I took everything I liked about that dysfunctional chatroom and built a product far more effective: I call it SpeakUp, and I can’t wait to hear your voice. 

Join SpeakUp today and get the practice you want

The accountability you need to start speaking consistently

You tried improving your English speaking skills before. You’ve posted online seeking a language partner, you’ve shadowed your favorite movie and Ted talk, and you’ve even talked to yourself in the mirror.

However, time and time again, you fall off. Something comes up. What starts off exciting becomes too difficult. 

Because there was no accountability, you were doomed from the beginning.

SpeakUp solves that problem. You join a community of dedicated English learners and talented native speakers. You prepare for every live session to the conversation, you get a progress evaluation every quarter, and you level up every 6 months. You This creates accountability and motivation unlike anything you’ve ever experienced.

Speaking alone is hard.

Speaking in a community is easy.



How many live sessions can I attend per week?

We recommend 2 live sessions per week, although we typically offer far more sessions every week. Please sign up for sessions that suit your level, as assessed in our intro assessment.

Do you offer sessions for my time zone?

Yes! You’ll notice that our schedule is a bit different each day, so login and take a look at the times that are offered throughout the week. Choose topics and times that work for you at your level. Email us if you don’t see availability that suits your needs.

How big are the live group sessions?

We keep our class sizes small to maximize each student’s speaking time. You’ll typically see 3-10 students per session – students from all over the world!

Who are the tutors moderating the live sessions?

Your tutor is an experienced English teacher who has gone through a rigorous selection process including at least 20 hours of trial period with us before they lead a live session for you. They typically charge $50 USD per hour for private clients. Our tutors’ expertise spans across business English, public speaking, academic English, standardized tests, English culture, accent training, and more. Together, we’ve created comprehensive curriculums for intermediate, advanced, and professional learners.

What will I do in the live session?

Your teacher is present in each session to guide the discussion and encourage everyone to speak (for 70% of the class in most cases!). You will typically get a good idea of the topical focus from the study materials we prepare for each class. During the live session, all you need to do is answer questions to your best ability and support other students as they speak.

Will I get enough opportunities to speak English?

Yes, that’s the whole point of SpeakUp. You will feel encouraged and supported to voice your opinion. If we have more than 4 participants in a group, we arrange breakout room speaking activities to maximize your speaking time, and the teacher visits these rooms to provide more personalized feedback.

What if I’m not good?

Live sessions are divided into different levels. Your level should be similar to your peers. If that’s not the case somehow, we’ll move you to a different session. Please know that no one is perfect, and everyone has unique strengths and weaknesses. You may feel others are better equipped than you, but that may not be true!

We provide feedback in a way that’s not embarrassing to you, a quality that we rigorously evaluate in all our teaching candidates before they are hired. You learn the best from your mistakes and others’.

What if I’m ahead of the class?

We make sure that your peers are similarly proficient by regulating the level of each class. To progress at the advanced level, you have to be able to handle a wide range of topics including uncommon subject matters and express your thoughts with accuracy and nuances. Please pick live sessions with challenging topics and engage in prompts in classes with nuanced responses.

What happens if I am the only one in class?

We are still happy to talk with you, but we’ll reduce the session to 30 mins.

What happens when I make a mistake?

We treat mistakes in 3 ways.

  1. If the correction does not affect the flow of class and the discussion, the teacher will briefly bring it to your attention right away. If you prefer not to be corrected in this way, just let your teacher know through a private message on Zoom.
  2. If your teacher determines that the correction would interrupt the flow of class, they will make a note of it in the chat box. Students who wish to follow the corrections real time can keep their chat boxes open to view these.
  3. The teacher will save a few minutes at the end of each class to review some of the most commonly made mistakes during that particular class, without identifying names.

How long will it take to improve my level of English speaking?

We guarantee that you will improve by 1 level every 6 months in the CEFR scale if you take at least 50 lessons within that period. Please know that leveling up requires you to prepare for each live session adequately: be sure to take advantage of the video lessons, video practice sessions and pdfs before each class.

What are my credits for?

They are for feedback on your speaking practice recordings. You’ll notice that many video lessons are accompanied by a speaking exercise where you can record your responses and submit these for feedback. If you would like to get personalized feedback on your responses, you can use one credit per submission. You will receive feedback by the end of the following business day.

I see a lesson library and a calendar of live lessons. Are these the same lessons? Do I need to prepare for the live sessions?

Same lessons, different focus. Our program centers around live sessions that allow you to practice speaking, but each of these live sessions is based on one of the lessons in our library. When you sign up for a live session, you’ll see a “Prepare” button that will allow you to access study materials for this session. Depending on the lesson, the study materials include some or all of the following: a pdf file, a video tutorial, and a speaking exercise.

And yes, we require that students prepare for the lesson by reviewing these materials to All materials and speaking sessions are designed to get you prepared for real-life situations.

* What are the requirements for your level-up guarantee?

We guarantee that you will improve by 1 level every 6 months in the CEFR scale or get a full refund of your last 6 months’ payment.

Restrictions apply:
CEFR level B1 and above in our initial assessment. (This needs to be done in the first week of the program.)
At least 45 hours of live group sessions completed.
Offer limited to your English speaking skills only.
A premium subscriber for at least 6 consecutive months.
We conduct internal evaluations but accept 3 major proficiency tests – Cambridge Assessment, IELTS, TOEFL – according to the following conversion chart for the speaking scores:

B1 = TOEFL 16 = IELTS 4.5
B2 = TOEFL 20 = IELTS 6
C1 = TOEFL 25 = IELTS 7.5
C2 = TOEFL 28 = IELTS 8

Join SpeakUp today and get the practice you want