Tailored for English learners, this job interview course includes popular job interview questions and answers, strategies to tackle any question, whether you’ve seen them before or not, and loads of language tips to help you structure your answer and sound professional. 

Completing this course will help you:

Who is the course for?

This course can be used for levels of students, but having a B2 (upper-intermediate) level or higher is highly recommended. 

You may take this course on your own, provided that you have an interview practice partner, but we strongly recommend that you use this course together with SpeakUp, so you can practice what you learned live with a native speaker and receive effective feedback. 

Table of contents

If you want to improve your chances of success for your next job interview, start from here. You will learn what you need to research and learn about yourself before the job interview. You will also learn what type of attitude and self-presentation make the best impression in North American business culture. 

How to do research for job interviews

How to align your skills with the job

Attitude and self-presentation

Now that you’ve done your research, what kind of questions can you expect during your next interview? How can you answer them in a way that will convince the interviewer you are the person for the job? Find the answers in these 7 lessons. 

Job interview process

Job interview storytelling 

How to tell your success story

How to describe failure

Situational questions on character

Situational questions on competency

Handling the things you can’t prepare for

Success at job interviews doesn’t depend solely on your qualifications, or even the content of your answers. You will need to speak in a way that is understandable, impactful and memorable. Learn some tips on how you can speak effectively in this 5 lessons. 

How to speak effectively in an interview

Practice pre-interview small talk

Power verbs 1

Power verbs 2

Power verbs 3

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