Free English course for advanced students

What to expect from our free English course for advanced students?

This is a free English course for advanced students. At this level, you can handle all the common topics, but your language still lacks depth and nuances, and you struggle to talk about uncommon issues. For example, you can talk about your favorite song and how it makes you feel, but you are uncomfortable talking at length about different music genres and their defining stylist choices.

In this course, we’ve selected some of the most popular topics including English movies, music, sports, and TV shows, to help you learn some niche terms, refine your language, and expand the width and depth of the conversations that you can have.

We’ve developed this course as a companion to our premium product, SpeakUp, which is the only product online that guarantees your English speaking fluency!

Each lesson is broken down into the following sections:

  • Introduction: A brief summary of the lesson topic, goals, English level, and duration.
  • Reading Passage: A fun, entertaining passage that provides in-depth information on topics ranging from finance to James Bond movies! NEW: We’re adding audio recordings for each reading passage, so you can listen and follow along.
  • Multimedia Content: Video content about the main topic to help you learn more and practice your listening comprehension!
  • Word Focus: Key vocabulary from the passage with definitions and example sentences.
  • Grammar Center: A short course on a grammar rule or concept from the reading.
  • Quiz: A brief quiz to help test your knowledge of the lesson — from vocabulary review to reading comprehension — and everything in between!

Completing this course will help you:

  • Become more knowledgable about TV shows, movies, music, and sport.
  • Carry out in-depth conversations around these topics.
  • Adopt advanced grammar and techniques to develop a coherent message.

Who is this course for?

We require that you are at least an upper intermediate student and carry out most daily conversations with ease at a moderate pace. You may take this course on your own, but we strongly recommend that you use this course together with SpeakUp, so you can practice what you learned live with a native speaker and receive effective feedback.

A list of all free English lessons for advanced students

Without further ado, here is a list of all the free English classes from Magoosh! Just click on the lesson that interests you to get started. Keep this page bookmarked, as we will update it each time a new lesson is published.

A cowboy hat on top of an acoustic guitar and rope



Blockbuster Movies




Want more structured teaching and English practice?

In addition to providing free English classes online, we also offer live English speaking practice with a native speaker and peers at your level. At Magoosh, we believe in providing the best possible English training to all of our students. So, whether you want to take advantage of our free English classes on your own or working with one of our professional English teachers, we’ve got you covered.

If you’d like to finally start speaking like a native speaker, visit SpeakUp today and start a free trial. Did we mention that our product is good that we can guarantee your fluency? Yep, you heard it right. We can guarantee it.

Matthew Jones

Matthew Jones

Matthew Jones is a freelance writer with a B.A. in Film and Philosophy from the University of Georgia. It was during his time in school that he published his first written work. After serving as a casting director in the Atlanta film industry for two years, Matthew acquired TEFL certification and began teaching English abroad. In 2017, Matthew started writing for dozens of different brands across various industries. During this time, Matthew also built an online following through his film blog. If you’d like to learn more about Matthew, you can connect with him on Twitter and LinkedIn!
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