Learn English Online: Podcasts, Videos, and More Resources!

Learning English is a valuable endeavor that opens doors around the world. In the digital age, oftentimes the easiest way to achieve this is to learn English online! Read on to learn what online resources are available to help you master English speaking. Bookmark this article because we will cover a master list of resources to help you learn English online!

Learn English Online with Podcasts

Learning by listening can be a little difficult, but it is one of the most effective methods for learning new words, perfecting pronunciation, and reducing accent. With each session, you’ll be able to differentiate stresses in a variety of words.

Plus, there are thousands of options out there on a variety of platforms. iTunes, Spotify, SoundCloud, etc… all have ESL podcasts. And, you’ll be able to listen wherever you go. Stop wasting time on your daily commute and start learning English while you go from point A to point B!

Try any of the podcasts on the list below to get started:

  1. The Plain English Podcast – This podcast is perfect for intermediate to advanced learners who have learned the basics but want to expand their speaking skills while learning about culture and current events They release two episodes each week that feature an English expression to add to your vocabulary.
  2. All Ears English Podcast – With over 135 million downloads since 2013, this podcast is one of the most listened to ESL podcasts in the world. They have a new 10 – 15 minute episode nearly every day.Each episode features an American cultural topic, and they present new words, phrases and idioms. Their motto is they teach ‘connection instead of perfection’ in your English skills.
  3. Espresso English – The podcast is just as the name implies. It is a quick espresso shot of English learning. Each episode averages around 7 minutes and covers various grammar and pronunciation topics. The creator also includes great tips on common mistakes, colloquial phrase usage, and listening.
  4. American English Podcast – Throughout the month, you can pick up English knowledge on very specific topics. The creator uses events from her own life to create the lessons. For example, she took a ski trip and did a lesson on words you’ll hear around a ski resort. The podcast is great for cultural and language immersion. Expect to learn a lot in these 20-minute episodes!
  5. Real English Conversations Podcast – Every month, two podcasters have a clear, concise conversation focused on either topical stories or life experiences. They also dedicate episodes to English learning tips and tricks. The beauty of the podcast is that it is a real, American English conversation tailored to help ESL learners increase their skills. Within each conversation, intermediate and advanced learners should be able to pick up tons of useful information.

Learn English Online with YouTube

Not an auditory learner? That’s okay! YouTube is full of wonderful English learning resources that can provide an excellent visual experience to help you master your skills. The platform has many channels available for free (with an ad or two) that are devoted to helping you master English.

Browse through the list below to find a channel that fits your learning style or covers topics of interest:

  1. Learn English with TV Series – This channel is the go-to for thousands of English learners. They break down scenes from popular tv shows and movies to help learners understand culture, grammar, and vocabulary. Each lesson is fun, engaging, and packed with useful information. Plus, they provide transcripts for all of the lessons!
  2. English Class 101 – With videos dating back nearly 10 years ago, this resource has been around for a while. They have a video for almost any situation or topic you can imagine. Some are quick lessons ranging from 5-10 minutes while others are comprehensive reviews of complex English topics that last 2 hours.
  3. Go Natural English – While other YouTube resources out there are packed with good information, Go Natural provides the most practical American English tips. Many of the videos are full of excellent cultural information that also include some wonderful language tips. Of all the resources on this list, these video lessons are the ones to show you how to have a real, American English conversation.
  4. Speak English with Vanessa – Every Friday, Vanessa releases a new video that will teach you how to be a confident English speaker. She has a bubbly personality and speaks slowly in her videos. They’re also subtitled! She’s been producing the videos for 5 years, so if there’s a specific topic you’re looking for, odds are that she’s covered it.
  5. Speak English with Tiffani – Taught thousands of people to speak English? Check. Lived in South Korea for over 10 years? Check. Did web design for NASA? Check. So, the last fact doesn’t have to do with English learning, but it’s pretty cool. Tiffani’s channel has plenty of great tips and tricks for intermediate and advanced learners to take their learning to the next level.

Practice and Test Your Knowledge with Digital Flashcards

These last sections cover resources for a couple of specific learning techniques that can help enhance your English skills. Plus, both techniques can be fun too!

Anki Flashcards – Flashcards are a traditional, yet fantastic learning tool. But, Anki flashcards take the concept to a whole new level. Anki is an open source, free flashcard service that provides a format for you to either create your own flashcard decks or use decks from other people.

In addition, the cards are digital, so that means you can create cards with audio, video, picture, or text elements (or a combination). Also, you can set a timer for going through the cards to help you think faster.

The beauty of Ankki is that there are thousands of ESL learners and teachers out there who have already created flashcard decks on a range of specific ESL topics. As soon as you download the app to your computer, PC, or phone, you’re ready to download pre-made decks that will help you on your ESL journey.

Use this application in combination with the Magoosh TOEFL flashcard app (available for Android, iOS, and online) for some serious accelerated learning!

Chat with a Chatbot

Cleverbot Chatbot – To be honest, it’s a little scary how well this resource works. The Cleverbot is one of the most comprehensive chatbots on the internet today.

What’s a chatbot? The term chatbot refers to an automated program designed to properly respond to anything you send. Basically, it simulates human conversation. And this program is superb!

What does that mean for ESL learners? Using this program is an opportunity to simulate conversation when you don’t have anyone to practice with. The program is intuitive and will respond appropriately based on what you say.

This is a great resource to practice asking and responding to a range of questions on various topics.

With these resources, you’re all set to learn English online! As always, keep checking back to Magoosh Speaking for resources on more topics tailored for ESL learners. We’re constantly adding new content to help you take your English skills to the next level!

Matthew Jones

Matthew Jones

Matthew Jones is a freelance writer with a B.A. in Film and Philosophy from the University of Georgia. It was during his time in school that he published his first written work. After serving as a casting director in the Atlanta film industry for two years, Matthew acquired TEFL certification and began teaching English abroad. In 2017, Matthew started writing for dozens of different brands across various industries. During this time, Matthew also built an online following through his film blog. If you’d like to learn more about Matthew, you can connect with him on Twitter and LinkedIn!
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