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TOEFL Vocabulary Quiz

It’s quiz time! Want to test your vocabulary skills? Here’s a short, 10 question TOEFL vocabulary quiz — these are all considered “hard” words, and they come from the Magoosh Vocabulary Builder app.

Match each word with its definition. Answers and example sentences are at the end of the post. 🙂

Happy quizzing!


TOEFL Vocabulary Quiz


1. Facilitate:

(A) join
(B) leave
(C) make easier
(D) make impossible


2. Orient:

(A) give helpful things
(B) age, make older
(C) find new information
(D) become in line with a point


3. Institute:

(A) study, learn about
(B) make decisions for
(C) keep in one place
(D) start (a system)


4. Derive:

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(A) encourage to do
(B) originate in
(C) separate from
(D) debate about


5. Welfare:

(A) process, method
(B) feeling
(C) health
(D) money and things you own


6. Monitor:

(A) keep in one place
(B) watch closely
(C) write information about
(D) move around


7. Discrete:

(A) careful
(B) subtle
(C) sophisticated
(D) separate


8. Enforce:

(A) make people follow a rule
(B) agree to do
(C) hurt
(D) become stronger


9. Pursue:

(A) cause confusion
(B) follow hard
(C) pick out something
(D) grow slowly


10. Generate:

(A) produce
(B) summarize
(C) make decisions for
(D) say the main idea


Answer Key

  1. C
  2. D
  3. D
  4. B
  5. C
  6. B
  7. D
  8. A
  9. B
  10. A


Example Sentences

1. Facilitate: make easier
Classical music, unlike many types of music, will generally facilitate learning and improve memory.

2. Orient: become in line with a point
The statues appear to be oriented toward the sunrise.

3. Institute: start (a system)
In January, we will institute a plan to make car accidents less frequent.

4. Derive: originate in
Many European languages are derived at least partly from Latin.

5. Welfare: health
A perfect government would care more about the welfare of its people than anything else.

6. Monitor: watch closely
We have been carefully monitoring the amount of salt in our oceans for the last 50 years.

7. Discrete: separate
Your left arm and right arm are controlled by two discrete areas of the brain.

8. Enforce: make people follow a rule
Although smoking is not allowed on school campus, the ban isn’t enforced, and many students smoke freely.

9. Pursue: follow hard
The baby elephant ran, but the pack of lions pursued it.

10. Generate: produce
Movement generates heat.





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