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TOEFL Tuesday: Using Flashcards

Improving your vocabulary is hugely important in studying the TOEFL because it can help your score in every section of the test. A wide vocabulary will help you understand advanced, academic texts and lecture as well more conversational recordings in the listening and speaking sections—plus, if you really learn how to use a new word, […]

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TOEFL Tuesdays: Formatting Your Essays

When I’m reading students essays, sometimes I have trouble understanding because of formatting. I actually like this problem a little bit, because it’s so easy to fix! It can cause trouble for the reader if you don’t format your essay well, but you only need to spend a few minutes learning the rules and practice […]

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TOEFL Tuesday: Vocabulary – True & False Words

Once again this week, I’m going to take three vocabulary words from Official TOEFL iBT Tests Volume 2. This week, the theme is “true or false.” The three TOEFL vocabulary words below are all related to whether information is truthful. (to be) Preposterous If you think something is completely unbelievable—almost stupid because it’s so crazy […]

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TOEFL Tuesday: Reading EMERGENCY Advice

There are a few common emergency situations on the TOEFL, but there’s one in particular that happens during the reading section: not having enough time. If you run out of time, you lose points not because you don’t understand, but because you simply don’t answer questions. And that’s a terrible feeling! But managing time during […]

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TOEFL Tuesday: Subject–Verb Inversions

This week’s TOEFL Tuesday video is about a pretty advanced grammar topic. If you don’t know what “inversions” are, don’t worry—I’ll explain it. But first, for context, remember that the TOEFL is made of both conversational and academic English. Sometimes you listen to lectures or read passages from textbooks. At other points, you listen to […]

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TOEFL Tuesday: Phrasal Verbs – Ups and Downs

Our vocabulary this week is not just for TOEFL—they are helpful phrases for general, conversational English. But those are exactly the same types of phrases that the TOEFL likes to include! After all, you need to understand common idioms for life at an English-speaking university, too. The phrasal verbs I talk about this week are […]

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