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The Best TOEFL Listening Practice

As you prepare for your TOEFL Listening test, you’ll want to seek out the best TOEFL listening practice possible. Unfortunately, finding good TOEFL listening practice online is about as easy as trying to find a bear in New York City. There are a few out there, but there’s only one reliable place to find them: […]

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TOEFL Listening Practice

It’s tough to practice listening. First of all, it’s the only skill where you can’t take your time or back up and start over if you need to. Second of all, most of the interesting listening practice resources out there are way too fast and complicated for many English learners (pacing is a primary challenge […]

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Fun TOEFL Reading Practice

The last few weeks have been pretty intense since I’ve been focusing on grammar and composition. To switch things up, try this TOEFL Reading exercise based on a less-serious-than-normal article from a series called “What If.” In each installment of this series, the author tries to answer a silly, complicated, or interesting question scientifically. Please […]

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