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All about the first Integrated Speaking Task on the TOEFL exam. (AKA Task 2, AKA the TOEFL Speaking task where you read an announcement and listen to a conversation.)

TOEFL Speaking Task 2: Putting Yourself in the Conversation

There are a number of TOEFL tasks that require you to listen to a conversation. For most of these conversations, how the speakers feel is not very important. For many TOEFL listening tracks, all you need to do understand basic information and make simple inferences. These are pretty much the same skills you use in […]

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TOEFL Integrated Speaking Practice

In this post, you’ll have a chance to practice your response to an integrated speaking task—specifically, this is an example of task number two. This question is taken from the six practice tests in Magoosh TOEFL, only it is in a slightly different format because this is only a blog post. 🙂 In the second […]

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