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Here, we cover the TOEFL Speaking section as a whole. This includes articles on Integrated vs. Independent Speaking, guides to each of the four Speaking tasks, pronunciation tips, and so much more.

How to Practice TOEFL Speaking

When asked about good ways to practice for the TOEFL speaking section, many people’s default answer is to find a language partner—someone you can meet with, whether online, on the phone, or in person, to practice English conversation and test questions with. It’s true that language partners can be a great resource as you study, […]

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Common TOEFL Speaking Difficulties

Sentence variety Because there isn’t time to fully plan the response, many people fall into a trap of repetitive sentence structure: “I think that _____. I think that ______. I think this is because _____.” One fairly extreme way to avoid this is to practice by drawing cards, each with a different kind of  structure […]

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Staying Focused When Speaking

Are you worried that your mind will wander while the clock is running? Below are some tips to help you stay on track throughout the speaking exam.   Don’t get stuck when you don’t know the right word It really stinks when you know you know the word you want, but you can’t think of […]

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The Topics You’ll Speak About on the TOEFL

The TOEFL speaking section tests your ability to express yourself in a few general situations: talking about personal experience, giving an opinion, summarizing, and contrasting two sources of information are the most important skills.   Defending an opinion Task 1 is an opinion question, and it is designed to be very general and accessible to everyone. Often, it will require […]

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Improving Your Pronunciation for the TOEFL

Speaking perfectly doesn’t need to be the focus of your studying. If your answers are easy to understand, then a slight accent won’t affect your score. But if the scorers can’t understand you, they won’t repeat and repeat your answers until it’s clear. So even if you don’t need to speak exactly like a native, you […]

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TOEFL Integrated Speaking Practice

In this post, you’ll have a chance to practice your response to an integrated speaking task—specifically, this is an example of task number two. This question is taken from the six practice tests in Magoosh TOEFL, only it is in a slightly different format because this is only a blog post. 🙂 In the second […]

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TOEFL Speaking Practice

Improve your TOEFL speaking fluency in two minutes or less per day! Read on to find out how. 🙂 TOEFL Speaking Practice with “Lightning Questions” There’s an activity that I use in many of my English classes to help my students practice speaking fluently without thinking. I call it “lightning questions.” Here’s how it works: […]

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