English Grammar

With these articles and tutorials, you can improve your English grammar, both on and off the TOEFL.

TOEFL Grammar Mistake: Sentence Fragments

Recently, I wrote about how to avoid run-on sentences, or sentences that contain several incorrectly-joined parts. If you have the opposite problem, you’re dealing with sentence fragments. A sentence fragment is missing one of the necessary parts (How to Make a Sentence) of a sentence. These are all fragments (I put the asterisk * next […]

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TOEFL Grammar Mistake: Run-On Sentences

Theoretically, you can create a sentence that goes on forever. You got a little taste of this in my post about how to write a sentence. You can spend a lot of time adding more adverbs, adjectives, and prepositions, and if you run out of those (you won’t), you can string infinite sentences together with […]

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How to Make a Sentence

I’ve started getting some submissions to the writing activity (Woohoo! Keep them coming!), and I’ve noticed that some people are having problems with run-on sentences and sentence fragments. If you did the activity a few weeks ago about finding your problem areas in grammar, you’ve already at least touched on this topic. First of all, […]

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Judgement Calls – Grammar’s Gray Areas

You probably have learned in language that sometimes the rules aren’t always clearly defined. The same can certainly be said of language usage in the TOEFL. Sometimes there are what we call “Gray Areas,” meaning the rules aren’t as clearly defined as you’d like. Below are what I’d say those areas are. Can I use […]

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Finding Your Problem Areas in Grammar

Although grammar is not tested directly on the iBT, you can count on raters noticing if your grammar is especially good—or especially bad—in each of your responses. Grammar tends to fall by the wayside when people are preparing for the TOEFL, since it lacks the urgency of the subjects that are directly tested, and a […]

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