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These articles are designed to help you improve your English in general, both for the TOEFL, and for other situations that require English.

TOEFL Study Activity – Making Picture Flashcards

As Kate has told you, some instructors dislike flashcards because they feel memorization isn’t useful. Flashcards are often used for “rote” memorization, memorizing information by repeating it over and over. Not everyone agrees that rote memorization is useful. “Meaningful” memorization, where you learn a word by using it, is much more popular. Meaningful memorization includes […]

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The Advantages of Immersion Language Study

Today, we are happy to share a post from our friends at ESL Explorer. Enjoy!   What is immersion study? There are two widely accepted meanings of ‘Immersion Language Study’: 1. Being taught completely in English rather than your native language. 2. Completely immersing yourself in an English speaking country by living and studying abroad. […]

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