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Magoosh covers all things TOEFL Reading. These articles include sample passages and questions, tips and tricks, prep advice, and more!

TOEFL Reading Practice: Adding New Information to What You’ve Read

As Kate and I have mentioned, the TOEFL score is really a measure of your academic skills in English. These skills relate to how you learn and create new information Much of TOEFL Reading measures your ability to understand new information and make inferences. The TOEFL Reading Section also asks you to add new information […]

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TOEFL Reading Practice: New Information and Inferences

As I mentioned in a previous post, the TOEFL measures your ability to do the following: 1) Understand new information 2) Make inferences based on new information 3) Add your own information to new information 4) Create completely original new information The TOEFL Reading section focuses on skills 1, 2, and 3 in the list […]

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Animal and Life Science Reading Practice

Lucas and I have shown you some good animal and life science words to know for the TOEFL. I have also helped you review those words here. Look over the definitions and mnemonics carefully. After that, you’ll be ready to practice reading the words in context. Below is a scientific reading passage that can help […]

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Common TOEFL Reading Difficulties

In this post, I’ll deal with some of the problems people often have when taking the Reading Section of the TOEFL. Time management For each reading passage, you have exactly 18 minutes, which for a lot of people is just barely enough to finish the test and maybe check their answers. For other people, thirteen […]

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Identifying the Main Ideas in TOEFL Reading Passages

A lot of reading well—especially for the TOEFL—is recognizing the most important ideas and distinguishing them from less important ideas. In this post, I’ll give you some tips to help you recognize main ideas in reading passages.   Look at the beginning and/or end. When you write an essay, you necessarily repeat yourself. Some people […]

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How to Practice TOEFL Reading

Read Get in the habit of reading every chance you get. If you have an e-reader or a smartphone, find an e-book and load it on there so you can read while standing in line, waiting for the bus, or letting water boil for supper. Reading anything is better than reading nothing, but the more […]

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Meet the TOEFL Reading Section

The reading section is designed to test how well you understand and interpret college-level academic writing similar to that found in introductory textbooks. The reading section of the TOEFL will probably be more difficult than most other tests you’ve taken, because not only is the language very advanced, but the texts are also about very specific topics […]

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Fun TOEFL Reading Practice

The last few weeks have been pretty intense since I’ve been focusing on grammar and composition. To switch things up, try this TOEFL Reading exercise based on a less-serious-than-normal article from a series called “What If.” In each installment of this series, the author tries to answer a silly, complicated, or interesting question scientifically. Please […]

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The TOEFL Reading Section

Generally speaking, every question on the TOEFL falls into one of two broad categories: comprehension or critical thinking. Whereas the first category will simply ask you to recall information from the text or lecture, the second will ask you to interpret, extrapolate from, or reorganize the given information to answer questions that may not be […]

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