March TOEFL Article of the Month: Pufferfish

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What’s This Weird Mysterious Circle on the Seafloor? 
By Mary Bates for


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You might know what a pufferfish is already, even if you haven’t eaten it. And maybe you know how dangerous they can be to eat (if they’re not properly cut and prepared, that is). But did you know the males of a specific species make beautiful nests on the ocean floor? It’s huge and perfectly shaped. I really can’t imagine why or how creatures evolve mating rituals like that, but it’s really fascinating.

 This article has a number of things in common with TOEFL reading, but most important is the subject matter and the vocabulary. The TOEFL often explains unique animal behavior or biology, just like this pufferfish’s strange habits.

 And here’s some vocabulary to look out for while you read:

  • Genus = category containing different species
  • Industrious = hard-working
  • Feat = accomplishment
  • Symmetry = when two halves are same size and shape (a heart shape has symmetry, for example)
  • Particle = very small piece
  • Spawning = creating eggs (used for fish)

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