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International Students at the Top 10 US Business Schools

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a post about international students at the top 10 US universities. In that post, I broke down the percentage of international students at each of those 10 universities.

Today, we’re going to look at international students at the top 10 US business schools (rankings according to the US News Report for 2016). As business becomes more global, having an international student body becomes increasingly important. So, which b-schools have the highest percentage of international students? Find out below.

International Students at the Top 10 US B-Schools

1. Stanford University–44% international students

44% of GSB’s class of 2016 hold a passport from outside the US.

Stanford GSB


2. Harvard University–34% international students

34% of the class of 2016 hail from outside the US.

Harvard Business School

Photo by HBS1908


3. University of Pennsylvania, Wharton–36% international students

At Wharton, 36% of your classmates will be international.



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4. University of Chicago, Booth–37% international students

The class of 2015 was made up of 37% international students.

Chicago Booth

Photo by Spikebrennan


5. MIT, Sloan–38%

The MBA program at Sloan has 38% non-US citizens.

MIT Sloan

Photo by Sloancondev

6. Northwestern University, Kellogg–40% international students

More stats here.


Photo by Madcoverboy


7. University of California, Berkeley, Haas–40%

The class of 2017 is comprised of 40% international students. (PS. Go bears!)

UCB Haas

Photo by BrokenSphere


8. Columbia University–42%

International citizens make up 42% of Columbia Business School’s incoming class.

columbia business school

Photo by Andrew Chen


9. Dartmouth College, Tuck–35% international students

2016’s class is 35% international. More fun facts here.

Tuck School of Business

Photo by Urban~commonswiki


10. University of Virginia, Darden–36% international students

36% of Darden’s class of 2016 was born outside the US.

UVA Darden

Photo by tldagny


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