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Essential Tips to Improve Your Communication Skills

Being able to effectively communicate is important to achieve success in various aspects of life. While it’s considered one of the most important life skills we can learn, a lot of individuals don’t usually put a lot of effort into it. Take a look at the following tips that will help you develop good communication skills.


Have the courage to say what you think

Confidence that you can make worthwhile contributions to a particular conversation makes a difference. Thus, be aware of your opinions and feelings beforehand in order to convey them effectively to others. 


Take time to practice

You can develop your communication skills by engaging in simple interactions. It can be a social or a professional setting. Although advanced skills may take time to refine, just remember that every time you use your communication skills, you’re on your way to improving. 


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Make eye contact

You may already have heard of this one but it can really make the interaction more successful. When you are speaking or listening, look into the eyes of the person with whom you are speaking. With eye contact, you are conveying interest as well as encouraging your partner to be interested in you in return.

One great technique for this is to consciously look into the other person’s eyes and then move to the other eye. You can also try to imagine a letter “T” on the other person’s face, with the crossbar serving as the line across the eye brows, with the vertical line coming down the centre of the nose. While conversing, just keep your eyes scanning that “T” zone.


Use gestures

When having a conversation, try to make your whole body talk and not just your lips and your mouth. Also include gestures with your hands and face. The gestures you’ll use will depend on the group you are addressing. 


Make your words, facial expressions, gestures and tone match

It is important that you are not sending mixed messages by making your facial expressions, words, gestures and tone match. For example, if you are disciplining someone, smiling at the same time sends a mixed message and will not be effective.


Proper use of body language

Aside from the words you use, body language also conveys a significant message. Try to have an open stance with arms relaxed at your sides. The audience will have the impression that you are approachable and open to what they have to say. With the right posture and an approachable stance, it can even make difficult conversations flow more smoothly.



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