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Archive | Writing Practice

Tips for Writing

If you’re not used to writing English essays under timed conditions, the writing section of the TOEFL聽can be tough. But with practice and hard work, you can get the score you need. 馃檪 Below you’ll find four TOEFL writing tips to help you ace this section of the exam. Happy writing! Read actively, and notice […]

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TOEFL Writer’s Workshop- Transitions

Test day is coming, and you鈥檝e been working hard. You鈥檝e memorized new vocabulary, polished your punctuation, and written more essays than you care to remember. But even as your arguments become clearer and your editing gains speed, your writing still isn鈥檛 quite right even after all of your writing practice. When you ask friends to […]

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TOEFL Writing Practice

Whether you鈥檙e taking the TOEFL tomorrow, 3 months from now, or not even sure whether you want to take it at all, extra writing practice and feedback can never hurt you. Here鈥檚 your chance to get personalized writing advice from an experienced TOEFL teacher (i.e. me)! In the next week or two, I will post […]

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TOEFL Listening and Writing Practice

In this post, we鈥檒l combine listening and writing practice by playing around with a podcast about essay composition. The following activity will help you hone the organizational skills you will need to get into the higher score range on your TOEFL essays. Be sure to check out the Best TOEFL Listening Practice for more listening […]

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