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TOEFL Integrated Writing Practice Task: Model Answer

Recently, I gave you a sample Integrated Writing Task for practice. One of the commenters on the original post told me that I really should give a sample answer. That way, all of you have something you can compare your own answers to. I absolutely agree. So here is a follow-up post. I have written […]

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TOEFL Sample Questions Roundup

It can be really frustrating to spend hours searching the internet for reliable TOEFL sample questions when you just want to get started with your studies. Enter, this post! Over time, we’ve written quite a few blog posts that include practice questions, however I’ll be the first to admit that they’re not always so easy to find. So, […]

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TOEFL Independent Writing Practice: Correcting Disorganized Answers

In my last two posts about the Independent Writing task (Organizing Your Ideas & Fixing a Disorganized Essay in 4 Easy Steps), I described four steps for revising a disorganized essay: make an outline of what you wrote, make notes on problems in the outline, write a new and improved outline, and rewrite your essay […]

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Using Transitions and Structure in Your TOEFL Essay

Even a well thought out essay with great arguments and support can score low if it lacks “flow.” You need to connect your ideas in a way that guides the reader through your essay. In addition to making your argument seem stronger to the reader, good use of transitions and structure will just make your […]

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Practicing TOEFL Writing Skills

This is my latest post in my series on practicing the skills that the TOEFL measures: TOEFL Reading Practice: New Information and Inferences TOEFL Reading Practice: Adding New Information to What You’ve Read Everyday TOEFL Listening Practice Academic TOEFL Listening Practice Practicing TOEFL Speaking Skills Today, we’ll look at the Writing Section. As you may […]

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