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Archive | Integrated Writing Task

Note-Taking and Organizing Your Answer in TOEFL Integrated Writing

The TOEFL Integrated Writing Task can be tricky. The passage and the lecture are both fairly complex, and they contradict each other. There’s a lot of important information to be found between the reading and the lecture that challenges parts of the reading. You need to make sure you notice, record, and correctly recall the […]

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Common Writing Difficulties

In this post, I’m going to write about some of the problems I see frequently in student essays. I hope that you’ll be able to look out for these pitfalls in your own essays so you don’t make the same mistakes!   Basic punctuation rules The basics can cause trouble if they’re not correct. Names and the […]

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The Topics You’ll Write About on the TOEFL

The writing section will include one opinion question and one integrated question on an academic lecture and a reading passage. Both of the topics will be designed to be appropriate for a variety of people. The independent task will require no cultural knowledge and will only assume experience that almost everyone has, with a tendency […]

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