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Archive | Independent Writing Task

How to Start Your TOEFL Independent Speaking and Writing Responses

While everybody has their own personal preference as to their favorite (or least-favorite) type of speaking and writing prompt, I’ve found that many students struggle with beginning their answers to independent tasks. Although speaking is a different skill than writing, test-takers can waste a good amount of time struggling to begin both speaking and writing […]

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TOEFL Tuesday: Writing a Better Independent Essay – Tip 1

Over the next three weeks, I’ll walk through three tips that can help you improve your independent essay. This Tuesday is the first tip, and it’s an interesting one.     If you have studied the GRE with Magoosh, you may have heard this tip before. The idea is simple: write the introduction paragraph last, […]

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TOEFL Independent Writing: Organizing Your Ideas

There are many ways to ensure that an essay you write is well-organized. As Kate mentions, pre-writing is important. You should brainstorm ideas, and plan the essay’s basic structure. Your TOEFL essay will probably only be two or three paragraphs. Still, it will likely contain important elements from the five-paragraph essay, particularly an introduction and […]

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TOEFL Essay 2: Independent

After you’ve finished the integrated essay, you’ll move immediately on to the independent essay. For this essay, you’ll be asked a question about your opinion on a given issue or topic. Your essay should explain your position on that issue. Usually, the independent essay is a little longer than the integrated one, since you’ll have […]

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Common Writing Difficulties

In this post, I’m going to write about some of the problems I see frequently in student essays. I hope that you’ll be able to look out for these pitfalls in your own essays so you don’t make the same mistakes!   Basic punctuation rules The basics can cause trouble if they’re not correct. Names and the […]

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