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Archive | Vocabulary

TOEFL Tuesday: “Dark” Vocabulary Words

This week I’m looking at four more words from our free TOEFL vocabulary flashcards, all used to describe dark things. “Dark” is a simple, common word, so learning this more advanced vocabulary will help add variety to your English, instead of repeating that low-level word all the time. Words like the four below will help […]

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Cooking Vocabulary in English: Cooking Methods, Part 1

I get a lot of questions from students about cooking vocabulary. Students seem especially curious about words for cooking methods. Today we’ll look at several words that describe the way something is cooked. Baked If  food is baked, it is cooked in an enclosed space, using hot air. Usually, food is baked inside an oven. Modern ovens […]

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Listening in Levels: English for Medical Professionals

This post has an English medical talk, basically a medical lecture, in levels. The first recording is the easiest, with slow speech and very few verbal pauses. The recordings get harder from there. The most advanced recording is just like a real talk that might be given in a medical class at an American university The wording in […]

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