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Archive | TOEFL vs Other Tests


Should you take the TOEFL or the TOEIC? What are the differences between the two tests?  The TOEIC focuses on business English. It is generally thought of as a work-related English proficiency exam. However, a surprising number of US universities and degree programs will accept the TOEIC as an alternative to the TOEFL or IELTS. […]

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TOEFL for Medical Professionals

While most of the people who take the TOEFL take it for school, the TOEFL has work-related-uses too. Kate has already mentioned that TOEFL is needed for some professional certifications. TOEFL is especially important for medical certifications in the United States. Medical professionals need to use language fluently, often in high pressure situations. Without good […]

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If you’re applying to an undergraduate program, you will probably have to submit scores for both the TOEFL and the SAT (or ACT). In some ways, this system is redundant: as I mentioned in my post on standardized test writing sections, there’s practically no difference when you compare the independent task on the TOEFL vs. […]

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