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Archive | TOEFL vs Other Tests

TOEFL Alternatives

There are a lot of schools that draw a hard line when it comes to the TOEFL—they really want to see TOEFL scores for admissions, and nothing else will do. But there are also quite a few schools and other agencies that see the TOEFL as one of several ways to prove English ability. In […]

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What is the TOEFL ITP?

Most US universities want to see TOEFL iBT or PBT scores from their international students. However, there is another TOEFL format that some students are asked to take. It’s called the TOEFL ITP, and it is primarily used for class placement, rather than admissions. The TOEFL ITP is an exam similar, but not identical, to […]

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Special GRE Post: Sentence Shift for ESL Students, Part 1

Over at Magoosh’s student support email service (available to our premium subscribers), I get a lot of questions about “shift” and “no-shift” sentences. These kinds of sentences are common in academic English. Understanding the structure of shift and no-shift sentences is helpful on the TOEFL—and is absolutely essential for GRE test-takers. Chris Lele has written […]

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