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Archive | TOEFL Tuesday

TOEFL Tuesday: The Hardest Part of the TOEFL

As you probably know already, the TOEFL can be a challenging test. Students often wonder what the hardest part of the TOEFL will be when they begin studying for the test. The hardest part of the TOEFL is different for each student. What is hardest really depends on your background and your experience with the […]

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TOEFL Tuesday: The WORST Mistake in TOEFL Writing

Let’s talk about the worst mistake I see in people’s essays when they are preparing for the TOEFL. This is a large, obvious mistake, and it’s completely avoidable, so every time I see it, I feel terrible for the person who wrote the essay. If only they knew this advice, they would score higher! The […]

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TOEFL Tuesday: Partial grading for 2-point questions

Have you ever wondered how points are awarded for TOEFL questions that have more than one correct answer? If you have, you’ve come to the right place! In this TOEFL Tuesday video, I explain how partial credit works for 2 point TOEFL questions. There are also TOEFL questions that are worth 3 points, and even […]

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TOEFL Tuesday: Weird phrases with “but”

Have you ever been confused by the word “but?” This is a conjunction which usually means “however” or “yet.” However, students are often confused when “but” is used in idiomatic phrases. These phrases cannot be translated literally, and they can be difficult to understand! That’s why I’ve decided to make a video that explains the […]

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TOEFL Tuesday: “Dark” Vocabulary Words

This week I’m looking at four more words from our free TOEFL vocabulary flashcards, all used to describe dark things. “Dark” is a simple, common word, so learning this more advanced vocabulary will help add variety to your English, instead of repeating that low-level word all the time. Words like the four below will help […]

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