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Archive | Planning for Speaking

The Topics You’ll Speak About on the TOEFL

The TOEFL speaking section tests your ability to express yourself in a few general situations: talking about personal experience, giving an opinion, summarizing, and contrasting two sources of information are the most important skills.   Defending an opinion Task 1 is an opinion question, and it is designed to be very general and accessible to everyone. Often, it will require […]

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TOEFL Speaking Topics

Before learning about the various TOEFL Speaking Topics, make sure that you understand the basics of the TOEFL Speaking section. Our TOEFL Speaking infographic is a great place to start:   Now, on to the specifics … What You’ll Learn in This Article You’re probably here because you want to understand what concepts the Independent […]

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The Importance of Using Synonyms

One activity that I use to build vocabulary is this: I say a word or expression, and then my students work together to list as many synonyms of that word as they can. When they’ve finished, I choose how to continue. Either they get out a thesaurus and look for other, new synonyms, or they […]

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Planning a Written or Spoken TOEFL Response for Independent Questions

The TOEFL requires you to provide well-thought-out answers to questions without really giving you time to come up with well-thought-out answers. When you’re studying, it’s OK sometimes to set aside extra time for planning, so that you get practice writing a good, thorough essay. But be careful not to do this all the time, as […]

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