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Archive | Reading Comprehension

Reading Practice: The Legacy of Edmund Wilson Part 1 — Question

Welcome to more TOEFL reading practice! In our last series, we took a look at two of the most common TOEFL reading question types, vocabulary and detail questions. To put those questions in context, each TOEFL reading passage has between 12 and 14 questions, of which 4-6 will be vocabulary questions and 2-6 detail questions. […]

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The Four Present Tenses and their Ten Uses

Many philosophers and motivational speakers talk about the importance of living in the present. A lot of people would agree. However, when I hear this, all I can think is “which present”? As many English teachers and English students know, there are many different ways to describe the present. In English, there are four present […]

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Common TOEFL Reading Difficulties

In this post, I’ll deal with some of the problems people often have when taking the Reading Section of the TOEFL. Time management For each reading passage, you have exactly 18 minutes, which for a lot of people is just barely enough to finish the test and maybe check their answers. For other people, thirteen […]

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TOEFL Reading Question Type – Paraphrase

Paraphrase questions will ask you to decide which of the given answer choices best summarizes a particular sentence from the passage. The correct answer choice will contain all the important points (“essential information”) from the first sentence and will retain the original sentence’s basic meaning. You will never have more than one paraphrase question in […]

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