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TOEFL Speaking Practice Test | Video Post

Finding great TOEFL speaking practice can be difficult. Especially if you’re preparing for the exam online, you’ll find that there are a lot of un-test-like materials out there. But now, with our video TOEFL Speaking practice test, you have excellent materials right at your fingertips! In the following video, our TOEFL expert Lucas will take […]

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Studying only with Free TOEFL Materials

The cost of the TOEFL can add up, between test prep materials and ETS’s various fees. Is it possible to save money by using only free TOEFL materials? The answer to that question is “it depends.” There are only so many really good free materials available out there. Some students find the good free materials […]

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Reading Practice: TOEFL Insert Text Question

As those of you who have seen my previous TOEFL practice reading passages know, I firmly believe that the best way to master the TOEFL is by practicing the TOEFL! In our previous series, we looked at vocabulary and detail problems with Paul Revere, and at inference and “EXCEPT” questions with Edmund Wilson. Now, let’s […]

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