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[eBook] ESL Vocabulary Comics

Introducing our ESL Vocabulary eBook! If you’re an ESL student who is trying to improve your English vocabulary, this resource is for you. In this book, we illustrate vocabulary words and definitions with the help of fun comics. This eBook is great for all ESL learners who want to make vocabulary learning more fun. 🙂 And, […]

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Magoosh Comics: Polar Words

Today I’m going to talk about words that are “polar.” And no, I don’t mean words that describe the North or South Poles. I’m talking about words that can usually only be used in negative statements alongside words such as “not”. Language experts would say that these words are “negative polar.” I’m also talking about […]

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Magoosh Comics: Memorizing Structure Words

Lucas did a very helpful post on “structure words”, words that describe how something is made or constructed. His post covers the words “framework,” “scheme,” “configuration,” and “composition.” Read his detailed explanations of the words, complete with examples from the TOEFL. Once you’ve read Lucas’ original post, you can review the words and really memorize […]

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Magoosh Comics: Reviewing Un-, Under-, and Inter-

I recently introduced you to the prefixes “un-,” “under-,“ and “inter-.” Because these prefixes are so similar, it can be hard to remember the differences between them. Below are three fun comic strips that can help you better understand these prefixes, what they mean, and how to use them. [UPDATE]: If you want more TOEFL comics […]

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Magoosh Comics: Reviewing Animal Words

In my last two posts, I introduced and reviewed life science words. As I mentioned, these words go well with Lucas’ animal words. Today, I’m going to review the animal words Lucas introduced you to. Again, I’ll give you a short definition for each word and some mnemonic pictures to make the definitions memorable. Population: […]

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Magoosh Comics: Reviewing Life Science Words

In my last post, I introduced some new TOEFL life science vocabulary to you. Today, I’m going to help you review and memorize those words. You can do this with the help of mnemonic devices. To make these words more fun and memorable, these mnemonics will be illustrated, just like the first flash card in […]

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