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Archive | International Students

Preparing for the TOEFL in China

China is not just the world’s biggest country. It’s also the home to the world’s largest and fastest growing economy. And it’s the largest market for ESL instruction. Not only that, but China stands alongside India as the biggest source of international students coming to the English speaking world. This means that China has a […]

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Magoosh Podcast: Can International Students Work in the USA?

I’ve been working in international education for several years now. Students often ask me if they are permitted to work in the US. Many more students ask themselves that question before they even come to America to study—they want to know if they’ll be able to earn extra money, get valuable work experience, and have […]

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Financing Your American Education

Attending an American university or college has a big price tag. The tuition may surprise and alarm international students who come from countries where tuition is covered or significantly lower. You’re not alone, American students are equally alarmed by the costs, but it’s an investment, right?! Before diving into the different resources for financing your […]

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International Students at the Top 10 US Business Schools

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a post about international students at the top 10 US universities. In that post, I broke down the percentage of international students at each of those 10 universities. Today, we’re going to look at international students at the top 10 US business schools (rankings according to the US News […]

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TOEFL Exam Fee in India

The TOEFL is an expensive test — there’s no denying that. And due to varying administration costs, the cost of registration for the exam varies from country to country. Since many of our blog readers live in India, let’s break down the TOEFL exam fees there.   TOEFL Exam Fee in India As of Fall 2015, […]

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