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Holiday Gift Guide: Grad School Edition

The holidays are here! I hope you have some time to relax this holiday season, and that you get the chance to spend some quality time with friends and family. It’s time for a much-needed and well-deserved break. With projects, final exams, work, and internships, you probably haven’t had a chance to give much thought […]

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Magoosh Comics: Reviewing Un-, Under-, and Inter-

I recently introduced you to the prefixes “un-,” “under-,“ and “inter-.” Because these prefixes are so similar, it can be hard to remember the differences between them. Below are three fun comic strips that can help you better understand these prefixes, what they mean, and how to use them. [UPDATE]: If you want more TOEFL comics […]

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TOEFL “School Life” Vocabulary Review

In my last two vocabulary posts, I showed you eight “school life” terms that you can use to discuss choices, opportunities, and long-term planning on campus. Today, we’ll review those words. I’ll give you short definitions and example sentences. Next, I’ll show you how these terms might be used in real campus speech through a […]

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Here at Magoosh, we are very grateful to all of you who read our blog. We love getting to know you guys, and are thankful that you spend your study time with us. 🙂 Have a great holiday weekend with family and friends. And for everyone outside of the U.S. – have a great Thursday! […]

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Spoken English Vocabulary: Chances Are

“Chances are” is a common phrase in spoken English. You may hear this phrase in the listening tasks found in TOEFL Listening, Speaking and Writing. You also are very likely to hear this “chances are” once you are studying and living in an English-speaking country. “Chances are” expresses possibility. The phrase is a shorter way […]

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Exam Lifehacks Infographic

Sometimes the simplest, smallest study tricks make the biggest difference. They can boost your confidence, improve your focus, and dissipate your exam anxiety. They can even open your eyes to a new method of organization that will boost your academics for years to come. Today, we share our favorite unexpected lifehacks to improve your score. […]

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