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TOEFL and GRE Reading Practice Adventure Novel, Chapter 4

English vocabulary can be your best friend on test day… if you’ve managed to master it. English vocabulary can feel like your worst enemy while you’re trying to learn new words. Fortunately, Magoosh here to make vocabulary fun. In this post, enjoy the fourth chapter in an ongoing Magoosh TOEFL Blog novel about action and […]

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English Listening and Speaking Practice on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

In 2009, Saturday Night Live comedian Jimmy Fallon became the new host of the popular American talk show Late Night. Since then, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon has become famous for the fun games that Jimmy plays with the show’s celebrity guests. The games are always enjoyable to watch, and a lot of them are […]

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Learn English Vocabulary with Your Favorite Celebrities

Howdy, Magooshers. This is my latest post on using entertainment websites and online videos to improve your English. Today, we’re going to be looking at English vocabulary activities from the popular American talk show Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. On Late Night, Jimmy Fallon is doing lots of exciting things with word games. These games […]

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The Best TOEFL Forums

When you’re preparing for a test like the TOEFL, the sheer amount of information on the Internet can be daunting. It can be hard to know where to begin! First of all, congratulations on finding Magoosh—you’re off to a great start! As you work through our variety of resources, however, you may find it helpful […]

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TOEFL Vocabulary Quiz

It’s quiz time! Want to test your vocabulary skills? Here’s a short, 10 question TOEFL vocabulary quiz — these are all considered “hard” words, and they come from the Magoosh Vocabulary Builder app. Match each word with its definition. Answers and example sentences are at the end of the post. 🙂 Happy quizzing!   TOEFL […]

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Infographic: What Makes a Student Happy and Successful?

As a new semester starts, it’s important not only to study hard, but also to make sure you’re staying happy and healthy. Here’s an infographic from our friends at Happify that gives you tips and tricks for being happy and reaching your academic goals. 🙂   Photo by happify   **** Learn more about Happify, a […]

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Fun TOEFL Listening Practice: Online Comedy Videos

Learning English should be fun. No, really— it has to be fun, at least sometimes. Research has shown that it’s next to impossible to learn a second language unless some of your learning experiences are genuinely enjoyable. And everybody likes to laugh. This post will look at three Internet video series that are laugh-out-loud funny […]

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