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Archive | English Practice

Boost Your English Listening Abilities with Videos and Podcasts

I love watching videos online, and I love sharing my favorite videos with my friends and students. That being said, there are certain videos I tend not to share with beginner level ESL students. Some videos provide a listening experience that is simply too challenging for beginner learners, for one reason or another. If you’re […]

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Business English Skill: Understanding Chinese Accents

(Note to Chinese-speaking Magooshers: This post may interest you, because it looks at the importance of China in the business world. But it’s probably not too educational for you personally. You already can understand Chinese English, I’m sure! While this post is for non Chinese speakers, Magoosh also has some posts just for you. Check […]

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How to Improve English Vocabulary

In many ways, a language is its vocabulary. Other skills, such as grammar, pronunciation, etc. all revolve around correct, meaningful use of words. Clearly, you want the biggest, best English vocabulary possible. This is especially important on the TOEFL, where you can’t stop to look up a word or ask someone to explain it. Vocabulary […]

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