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    Kate has 6 years of experience in teaching foreign language. She graduated from Sewanee in 2012, where she studied and taught German, and recently returned from a year spent teaching English in a northern Russian university. Follow Kate on Google+!

TOEFL Independent Essay Structure

The structure of your independent essay is going to be at least a little different from that of the integrated essay you will have just finished. While your task in the integrated essay was to highlight similarities and contrasts, your task in this essay will be simply to defend your opinion. Because of this difference, […]

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Plagiarism and copying mean different things in different countries and education systems. What may be an entirely respectable way to draw from outside sources in your native culture may be considered immoral in the USA, or vice versa. Since US universities tend to have very strict policies about copying (most universities will at least fail […]

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Writing Faster During the TOEFL Exam

Even for a native speaker, it can be difficult to remember all of the information from a TOEFL lecture without taking notes. Fortunately, you can take notes on any section of the test (the notes will be destroyed when the test is over). Although this is a great help, it can also complicate the matter […]

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TOEFL Scores for Undergraduate Programs

English proficiency requirements vary widely from university to university, and even from program to program. Some colleges just want you to have basic proficiency, presumably assuming that you’ll figure out the rest when you get there (which is pretty much true). Others, on the other hand, expect you to hit the ground running, requiring high […]

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Phrasal Verbs You Need in Your Life

Keep on To keep on means to continue an action, just as “keep” can by itself. The difference is this: usually we use it to talk about a situation when you continue something in spite of some factor that could prevent you from doing so. Examples: Katya kept on singing in spite of her brother’s […]

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