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Author Archive | Kate Hardin

Vocabulary Workshop – Showing in Other Words

In this post, you’ll learn about some words you can use to replace “show” when summarizing or introducing supporting examples, whether in independent or integrated questions.   Demonstrate You probably are familiar with “demonstrate” already. It means “to clearly show by giving proof or evidence.” It’s a great word to use when talking about how […]

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Plagiarism and copying mean different things in different countries and education systems. What may be an entirely respectable way to draw from outside sources in your native culture may be considered immoral in the USA, or vice versa. Since US universities tend to have very strict policies about copying (most universities will at least fail […]

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TOEFL Scores for Undergraduate Programs

English proficiency requirements vary widely from university to university, and even from program to program. Some colleges just want you to have basic proficiency, presumably assuming that you’ll figure out the rest when you get there (which is pretty much true). Others, on the other hand, expect you to hit the ground running, requiring high […]

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Planning Your Answer

In the speaking section, you only have 15-30 seconds to plan each response. Here are some tips to help you use that time effectively.   Don’t over-plan It’s tempting to invent beautifully crafted language to impress the raters and ensure a good score. Unfortunately (and fortunately), there’s really not time to do this in the […]

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TOEFL Listening Question Type – Detail

Detail questions are roughly equivalent to the factual questions from the reading section. They deal with specific facts from the listening, but they are not usually as specific as detail questions in the reading section. Because you don’t have the option of listening to the recording a second time, you will depend on the information that […]

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Learning Specialized Vocabulary

The TOEFL isn’t supposed to test specialized subjects—it sticks to widely applicable words, and when  a bit of jargon is required, the test offers a definition. Nevertheless, you will probably need more English than is on the TOEFL to achieve your goals. For example, maybe you may plan to go to medical school or become […]

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