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Author Archive | David Recine

TOEFL Study Activity – Making Picture Flashcards

As Kate has told you, some instructors dislike flashcards because they feel memorization isn’t useful. Flashcards are often used for “rote” memorization, memorizing information by repeating it over and over. Not everyone agrees that rote memorization is useful. “Meaningful” memorization, where you learn a word by using it, is much more popular. Meaningful memorization includes […]

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Let Me Introduce Myself

Hello, readers. My name is David Recine, and I have just joined the Magoosh team as a TOEFL Expert. In the next few days, I’ll begin giving you tips for TOEFL success. Before I begin, I’d like to introduce myself. I came into my teaching career quite by accident. In 2007, I was a business […]

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