TOEFL Scores

At the end of the day, TOEFL success is all about your TOEFL score. But how are the scores calculated, and how can you predict yours? And what is a good TOEFL score anyway? Magoosh answers this and many other score-related questions.

Taking the TOEFL in India

This post is for all our students taking the TOEFL in India! We know that a lot of our blog readers aren’t from the US, so we’re planning to write a series of posts dedicated to students in other countries. Let us know if there’s another country in particular that you’d like to see a post […]

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How to Send TOEFL Scores to Universities

Making sure your TOEFL scores arrive at universities on time is, of course, incredibly important; you don’t want to do anything to jeopardize your chances of getting into your dream school. So, here’s how to send TOEFL scores — everything you need to know, in one convenient place! A Note on Recent Changes to the TOEFL […]

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TOEFL Scores for Undergraduate Programs

English proficiency requirements vary widely from university to university, and even from program to program. Some colleges just want you to have basic proficiency, presumably assuming that you’ll figure out the rest when you get there (which is pretty much true). Others, on the other hand, expect you to hit the ground running, requiring high […]

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TOEFL Scores and Conditional Acceptance

If you are a regular reader of this blog, you may have already seen Rita’s excellent infographic on the TOEFL score admission requirements. This infographic highlights the TOEFL scores you’ll need for full acceptance into America’s top universities. For students who haven’t been able to get the minimum scores on that chart, I have some […]

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Predicting Your TOEFL Score

Almost every time I teach a TOEFL session, someone asks me to predict their score. It seems like a reasonable request—after all, it seems like your entire academic and professional future is depending on this one number between 0 and 120, so it’s natural to want to know how sure you can be of receiving […]

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How the TOEFL Scoring System Works

For many non-native English speakers who want to earn a degree from a university in an English-speaking country, the TOEFL is a must. But unfortunately, the TOEFL score scale isn’t the most straightforward. So hopefully I can make it a little bit clearer for you. How are TOEFL scores derived? Like any standardized test (e.g. […]

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TOEFL Scoring

In my post called “How is the TOEFL Scored?” I talked about the details behind the score you receive. Now, let’s look at some practical considerations about scoring. Take a wild guess First of all, unlike some other standardized tests, the TOEFL does not penalize you for guessing. In other words, a wrong answer doesn’t […]

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How important is my TOEFL score?

There’s no passing or failing the TOEFL, so how important your TOEFL score is depends on what program you’re applying to. At the end of the day, it’s important to realize that the TOEFL is just one part—albeit a very important part—of the information that colleges use to decide which students to accept. Most colleges […]

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