TOEFL Scores

At the end of the day, TOEFL success is all about your TOEFL score. But how are the scores calculated, and how can you predict yours? And what is a good TOEFL score anyway? Magoosh answers this and many other score-related questions.

Stanford TOEFL Requirements

Despite being a proud Cal grad (Stanford’s biggest rival!), I can admit that Stanford is a great school. If you’re hoping to study here as an international student, read on for information about Stanford’s TOEFL requirements. Stanford TOEFL Requirements for Undergraduates Stanford does not require a TOEFL score for international undergraduate applicants, however, they recommend […]

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Schools That Offer Conditional Acceptance: Picks of the Month

So you want to study on an English language campus, but you can’t quite get your TOEFL score high enough. Take heart— more and more American universities are offering conditional acceptance to students with lower TOEFL scores. Conditional acceptance lets students with low scores come to an English speaking campus, as long as they meet […]

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Princeton TOEFL Requirements

Do you dream of attending Princeton University? If so, you’ll need to know whether or not you have to take the TOEFL to get in. Find out Princeton’s TOEFL requirements in this post! Photo by RWEnoch Princeton’s TOEFL Requirements for Undergraduates Here’s what Princeton has to say about English language requirements for undergrads: If English is not […]

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Should You Request a TOEFL Rescore?

Have you ever gotten a grade on a test or a mark on a school assignment that you thought was unfair? Well, sometimes that can happen on the TOEFL too. To help students who feel they should have gotten a better rating on their Speaking and Writing responses, ETS has a TOEFL rescoring service.

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MIT TOEFL Requirements

Several students have asked us about MIT’s TOEFL requirements (maybe this is because 40% of MIT’s grad students are from outside the US!). Who needs to take the exam? What score do you need? If you’re planning to apply to MIT as an international student, here’s what you need to know about its English language […]

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UCLA TOEFL Requirements

Have you always dreamed of studying in sunny California? If so, perhaps the University of California, Los Angeles is on your list of target schools. Each year, UCLA admits students from over 80 different countries. Do all these students have to take the TOEFL to get into UCLA? Find out below. 🙂 Photo by b r […]

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Harvard TOEFL Requirements

So, you’re an international student who wants to go to Harvard? Great! What are Harvard’s TOEFL requirements and who needs to take the TOEFL? Find out in this post. 🙂   Photo by User:Chensiyuan   TOEFL Requirements for Harvard’s Undergraduate College If you’re applying as an undergrad, you do not have to take the TOEFL. Here’s what […]

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¿Qué es un Buen Puntaje TOEFL?

Al contrario de la mayoría de los exámenes, en el TOEFL no hay aprobado o reprobado. No hay un puntaje que sea realmente “bueno” o “malo, por la misma razón que ningún nivel de inglés se puede describir con esas palabras. Todo depende del tipo de idioma que uses y para que lo utilices. Afortunadamente, […]

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TOEFL Tuesday: Sending Scores – Must See Tip!

  Choosing Schools Before Your TOEFL: Sending Scores for Free When you register for the TOEFL, you have the option to choose four schools to send your scores for free. You don’t have to choose the schools immediately, though. You have until the day before your TOEFL to add schools to the list or to […]

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Taking the TOEFL in Malaysia

This post is for our students taking the TOEFL in Malaysia! Last week, I wrote a post about taking the TOEFL in India. If you have a country in mind that you’d like to see a post about, let me know in the comments below. 🙂 According to the US Embassy, there are currently 6,735 Malaysian […]

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